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Farm & Garden
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Farm & Garden
3-Wheel Dump Truck
The predecessor to the one you've seen on TV except you can ride on this one.  This is probably where they got the idea.  Maybe there really is nothing new.

Leaf Burner
Made from a metal, 55 gallon drum and on wheels from back in the days when "burn barrels" were legal
Garden Tractor Fork Lift
This project converts your lawn & garden tractor to a manually operated mini-fork lift

BBQ Cart
This is a wooden project but you can make it from scrap steel.
Garden Refuse Mulcher
Leaf mulcher made from an old reel type lawn mower is better for the environment than burning, I've used a similar device to shred newspapers to use for mulch around my strawberries.
Box Blade
Drag behind tractor leveling blade
Poor Man's Gravely #1

Poor Man's Gravely #2
Two very similar designs so you have your choice, you can build them both or combine the best features of each one.
Concrete Block Maker
The plans headline reads "100 Concrete Blocks Per Hour".  The package is very well drawn and easy to understand.  This is an ambitions project.
Post Hole Auger
Tractor mounted and driven off the PTO, you can go and rent one or build this one and rent it to your neighbors.
Cement Mixer
This is called a "Midget Mixer" but it will mix concrete as fast as you can spread and smooth it.
Road Sander/Salter
Interesting concept, this could be scaled down to attach to your lawn tractor.
Drum Winch
A manually operated, heavy duty winch with ratchet and brake.  It could be converted to a power winch with a little ingenuity
This rear tine tiller look a great deal like a mini Troy Built.
Hay Bale Conveyor #1

Hay Bale Conveyor #2
Two concepts, same objective. Both elevator conveyors were designed for bales of hay but they would work for anything shingles.
Snow Thrower
Single stage snow thrower made from a recycled hot air furnace blower similar to the leaf blower
Tractor Dozer Blade Lift
Excellent plans for building an hydraulic lift for your tractor blade.  Looks like it can be adapted to fit any farm or garden machine.
Tractor Mower
I've seen similar devices in the Northern Tools catalog for $1500.  Very complete and expertly drawn plans.
Leaf Blower
An interesting way to recycle your old hot air furnace blower if you should happen to have one.  If you don't, wait until your neighbor is at work and take his.
Tractor Blade
Cable operated tractor accessory that could be converted to hydraulic.
Tractor Grader Blade
These plans are a bit on the brief side but very clear and easy to understand.
Tractor Snow Thrower
There's not much detail but the general concept is there.  It would take a very experienced home craftsman to build this baby.
Front Mounting ATV Mower
This project is quite modern.  The deck and drive are salvaged from a garden tractor.

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