Free WEB Plans
The plans contained herein were collected from FREE PLANS WEB sites throughout the Interment.  To download, click the plan title, wait for the .pdf to load and then click the
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200 amp Stick Welder
Although originally intended to employ a 24VDC generator, this has been proved to work using a 200a 12VDC General Motors or Ford alternator.  For more on that, Google trubomustanges and search that group using DIY TIG WELDER as a keyword).  This design even has an arc stabilizer circuit.

Combination Spot Welder & Carbon Arc Torch
Got a microwave that's headed to the dump?  Recycle it.  You may be able to use the transformer to make this 60 to 100 amp spot welder.  The design also allows it to be used as a carbon arc torch for heating and silver & brass brazing.
Arc/Spot Welder
This is a light duty, hand-held device intended for light gauge sheetmetal.  Truly a junkyard project, you not only can make almost everything yourself, you can use it to salvage more scrap once you've finished it.

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